Magnum Grand brut Rilly

This is the « Grand Brut Rilly » cuvée in magnum.

« Premier Cru » from Rilly-La-Montagne, in the « Montagne de Reims » in the « Appellation Champagne ».
High Environmental Quality and Sustainable Viticulture.

WINEMAKING                                                                                Harvest 2020 and reserve wines. Blending: 60% Chardonnay combined with 20% Pinot Noir and 20% Meunier. Ageing in our cellars: Minimum 3 years before disgorging.


PARTICULARITIES                                                                                  A magnum is equivalent to 2 bottles, meaning it has a capacity of 1.5 liters.

In Champagne, as in other wine regions, specialists typically consider it the best possible container for wine. Due to its capacity, a magnum allows for a more harmonious development of aromas and often offers greater complexity and more fully developed wines.

It is certainly the most prestigious of all champagne containers. A magnum can serve approximately 15 glasses, which is about 2 glasses per person.

Serving a magnum always impresses guests and signals the start of festivities.

However, be sure to chill the magnum about 24 hours before serving, as its large volume requires more time to reach the optimal tasting temperature.

Tasting sheet

Also available in classic bottle